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Meet Our Team

Bud Dickson

Bud was born and raised in the wilds of Northern Ontario. Quetico Park was his back yard and, as a youth, he paddled and portaged its historic trails in search of fish and adventure. As an adult, in the uniform of a Canadian Ranger, he traveled the remote country for the Ontario Government, exploring and cutting portages into lakes where few people had set foot before.

Jeremy Dickson

Jeremy Dickson-Bud's son, grew up surrounded by canoeists and their stories of their trips to Quetico country. It's no surprise that from his first canoe trip with his parents at age 3, he was hooked. Since then, Jeremy has spent a lifetime in the park guiding and exploring.

Jim Clark

From an outdoor background of bicycling, canoeing, hiking and fishing, Jim finished his schooling in Forestry and returned to Quetico. A licensed bush pilot, Jim has spent the last twenty-five years guiding, fishing and paddling the Canadian canoe country.

We Are Outdoor Enthusiasts

Why We Started Canoe Canada

Canoe Canada was established in 1974 on a personal service basis so that Bud and Jim could share their knowledge of the Quetico wilderness country with outdoor enthusiasts seeking real adventure and security in the knowledge of excellent equipment and careful planning. Our commitment to quality and our wilderness experience makes Canoe Canada's service unique.

Our Experienced Staff
of Trained People

Sandy and Bud Dickson, and Pam and Jim Clark head an experienced staff of trained people who extend the courtesy of northern Canada to you on your vacation.