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We Started Using Bigger Lures.

Day Four

Today we go over to Chatterton Falls. We can hear it roaring from our island, but it still takes about 20 minutes to row over there. Wow! There's a lot of water going over those falls! No wonder the Russell River has such speed. We spent the morning adventuring on foot up the cascade of falls to the next lake. The rest of the afternoon we just putzed around the lake and fished. On the way home, some guys found a ridge that ran between a point and an island. The thing about this ridge was that every time we trolled along it, someone caught a fish. I mean every time. It was cool because we started using bigger and bigger lures. It got to the point where we were using six and seven inch lures back and forth across this ridge. Still, every time someone would get a hit. You know when you've got a seven inch lure on, and something hits it, you've got something exciting on your hands!

So that night we bring a nice stringer of fish in to eat. This was going to be a late night fish cook over the open flames of our campfire. So about 11:00 we go out to the boats to get our stringer and filet the fish, but there are no fish on the stringer! The stringer was there. The clips were still closed. But not even a shred of fish! We're talking six pound walleye and 4-5 lb. bass! We were very confused about how this might have happened. We assumed it was an animal, but every single fish! What a pig!

The next morning we woke up, and sure enough, there was the thief. He was an otter, diving for some fish he dropped about 5 meters off shore. What a bandit!

I Can't Believe How Good It Is

One thing I'm amazed at is that we don't get hungry! I mean, sure we're hungry, but there's always tons of food. That's part of why meals are so exciting—there's plenty. We're on dried food now, and as usual I can't believe how good it is. This stuff is so good, we all agree we're going to get some and start eating it at home.