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Nice Vision For Evening Coffee.

Day Six

One interesting thing on the way was a sunken barge at the end of the Deux River portage. Jim told us it would be there, and he said it would be about 200 years old! Hmmm. These other guys we met also showed us an Indian pictograph on the rock face. I would show you with a picture, but you wouldn't be able to make it out.

This last evening had two fitting events: First, we had a great sunset over the islands we were staying on. Nice vision for evening coffee. Second, late that night we saw the Northern Lights! So we went out on our canoes and watched the lights reflect off the water. That's what you come to Canada for.

Today We've Got
To Move!

Back up the Deux River to Pickerel Narrows. But at this stage in the game we are studs! We have lighter packs, stronger arms, and more efficiency. Portages are nothing at this point.