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Our Trail Menus

A Nourishing Variety Of Freeze–Dried And Fresh Meals Are Custom Packed

Our menus have evolved over years of experience based on the best modern trail foods available. A nourishing variety of freeze-dried and fresh meals are custom packed for you. The result is an organized food pack that's delicious, easy to use and lightweight. Confident in your ultra light outfitting and the preparation we've done together, you will leave civilization far behind and paddle into an adventure filled world where time stands still. There is nothing quite like the thrill of fishing for your dinner, taking a bath in a wilderness lake, or relaxing around the campfire while the sun sets and the loons cry across the water.

[ Plan Your Menu Online or call 807-597-6418 ]

Flexible Meal Planning

We have complete vegetarian trail menus [ ask for details ]. And, for longer trips and paddlers looking for more variety, many additional Richmoor freeze dried entres are available.