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What To Bring List

Basic Items

  • 2 pairs of quick dry pants (nylon or synthetic)
  • 3 pairs of heavy socks
  • 1 long sleeve and 2 short sleeve cotton shirts
  • toilet kit, biodegradable soap and towel
  • 1 set of rain gear
  • 1 wide brim hat or cap
  • insect repellent
  • 2 sets underwear
  • swimsuit and shorts
  • 1 heavy sweater or fleece
  • 1 pair of light hiking boots, tough sandals, or river shoes
  • 1 lightweight wind breaker coat
  • long underwear for May and September trips

Gloves, wool cap, rubber boots, and long underwear are good additions to May and September trips. To avoid bulk, clothing items can be rolled and wrapped with a rubber band, OR put in a large compression stuff sack.

Additional Items

The group should consider bringing (1 for entire party)

  • suntan lotion
  • small flashlight
  • first aid kit
  • 50 feet of 1/4 inch rope
  • sharpening stone
  • fish fillet or pocket knife

Optional Items

  • sunglasses
  • compass
  • paperback book
  • camera and film
  • headnet

A Quick Note About Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle should include light spinning or casting gear. Avoid bulky tackle boxes—share a small, thin, plastic box. We carry a full line of local fishing tackle at our base and will gladly advise you of the ones that will work best.