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Fly-In Outpost Cabins Rate Schedule

Plan “B” With Deluxe Food Pack

Our menu is designed for hearty appetites and include three meals a day consisting of all fresh food supplies and some canned vegetables. If you have special meal requests, let us know and we will pack accordingly.

Plan A (Without Food)

Rates below are per person with minimum party size of 4 and include round trip float plane transportation, fully equipped cabin, boats, motors, mixed gas, freezer service, and flight checks.

Plan B (With Food)

This package is the same as Plan A, but also includes all food supplies and provisions for every member in your party.

  Plan A Plan B
3 Day Trip
4 Day Trip
5 Day Trip
6 Day Trip
7 Day Trip
$ 790.00/person
$ 890.00/person
$ 995.00/person
$ 1075.00/person
$ 1150.00/person
$ 865.00/person
$ 990.00/person
$ 1120.00/person
$ 1225.00/person
$ 1325.00/person

Each person is allowed 100 pounds of gear. We will try to get excess gear up to camp at no charge. If we cannot, an extra flight can be arranged at a cost of $280 for overloads up to 500 pounds, and $360 for overloads up to 1000 pounds.

Trips are 24 hour days; i.e. fly in day 1, spend 5 nights; fly out on day 6 is a 5 day trip. Add 9% sales tax and fishing licence costs.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $300/person upon receipt of reservation.

There is a 30% premium for groups that do not meet the minimum group size.

Things You Should Know

You are responsible for your own alcoholic beverages, beer, and soft drinks.

Mid-trip camp checks are offered at a minimum charge.